What We Do

Economic Empowerment

We know that when our members are empowered our churches will also grow and will be able to touch other peoples’ lives both within and around the church.

BCOK have been asking churches to unite and start FOSA, and SACCO’S which can be used as engines of our member’s empowerment.

We also partner with the government and non-government agencies in the promotion of education, Health and general welfare of our people.


D. Regional Integration

BCOK have partnered with other Baptist churches in the Region to promote evangelism and education in this Region. e.g. The Tanzanian Baptist convention and the Ugandan Baptist union have partnered with the Baptist convention Kenya to build the Mount Meru University which provide higher quality education to the people of East Africa Region.

The department of men and women has joined together with their brothers in the Region to form E.A Baptist men fellowship and the E.A women fellowship.

These fellowships have been benefiting our men and women from the common exchange programmes which they have been sharing.


University of Nairobi