What we continue to do

E.Human Needs Intervention

Due to global warming and unpredictable climatic changes, our people in particular Arid and semi arid areas have been affected directly by these changes.

They have been affected by draught, floods, diseases, epidemic, malnutrition and high illiteracy in the nomadic Regions.

The BCOKS partners have been assisting in provision of physical and Spiritual food to the victims by drilling of boreholes to the arid regions. Building of shelters to the (IDP) internally displaced persons and providing seeds and animals to the draughts victims.


F. Fostering Partnership

BCOK encourage people of good faith to join us in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and also to meet some of the basic need of our people.

G.Areas one can partner with us includes:

1. Feeding the poor with relief food and clothing’s.

2. Feeding our orphanage home at Baptist children centre, Nairobi – Maili Saba

3. Help in drilling of boreholes and water pans in semi-arid and in arid areas.

4. Sponsoring our pastors and ministry leaders for a higher learning at KBTC and MMU.

5. Assist in building a conference centre in Nairobi, Mombasa and in Kisumu.

6. Help in reaching out to the Muslims in North Eastern and Coast region of the country.

7. Provide and sponsor internship programmes for the pastors and the church leaders.

8. Help expand Kenya Baptist theological college to accommodate more students and to sponsor KBTC lectures for higher learning.

9. Assist in church planting to the unreached communities.

10. Provide Bibles to our churches

11. Assist Baptist media in printing affordable Christian materials for our churches and to start a broadcasting station for the Baptist churches in Kenya.

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