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  1. Mount Meru University – in Arusha Tanzania: - Offers Degree, Diploma Certificate Courses.

This is a Christian University owned by Baptist Churches in E. African region.

  1. A. Faculty of Theology

  • Bachelor of Theology

  • Bachelor of Christian Education

  • Bachelor of ministry

  • Diploma in Theology

  • Diploma in Ministry

  • Diploma in Christian Education

  • Diploma in Church music

  • Certificate in Theology

  • Certificate in Christian Education

  1. B. Faculty of Education

1) Bachelor of Education. (Major in English, Education, Religious Education and Information Technology.

2) Bachelor of Business Administration (majors in management, marketing and Accounting)

3) Bachelor of Science in mathematics.

Contact. P.O BOX 11811 Arusha

Tel. +255 – 27 – 2502412

Email enquiry @ mmu.ac.tz

Web. www.mmu.ac.tz  

 2. Kenya Baptist Theological college

This college is located in Limuru – Tigoni Kenya. It is a Christian theological college owned and managed by Baptist convention of Kenya. Its vision is to equip, serve, lead and train God’s people for His service in the word.

Courses offered by the college include:

  • Bachelor of Theology

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Diploma in Theology

  • Diploma in music

  • Diploma in youth ministry

  • Advanced certificate in theology

  • Advanced Diploma in Christian education

  • Certificate in Theology

  • Certificate in Deaf ministry

  • Bible school program – centre training

  • Pastors wives program – centre training

  • Theological Education by Extension training.


Kenya Baptist Theological College

P.OBOX 385-00217


Tel. +254 066 73070/73383

Cell: 0734 740 420

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. Nairobi Baptist Centre:

This is a Christian centre based at Baptist convention of Kenya Head office at Shauri Moyo Nairobi. Its mandate is to empower our youth and children with High quality Christian education which will help them to face the world with confidence.

Youth and Young Adults

  1. A. Social and Business studies

    1. Computer training (package/Engineering/Designing)

    2. Computerized Secretarial

    3. Community development

    4. Accounts

    5. Business management

    6. B. Children ministry

      1. Early Childhood Teachers Training

      2. Nursery and pre-unit education

      3. Primary Education

      4. Tutorial classes for Primary and Secondary education

      5. Short courses and seminars on: (a) HIV/AIDS Counseling and management

      6. Leadership skills development (iii) Entrepreneurship (iv) Christian youth ministry.

      7.  Sports Evangelism training 

      8. Basket ball, volleyball, Netball and badminton.

This institution is managed by the Baptist convention of Kenya.

Contact Cell +254 712309415 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

University of Nairobi