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The departments are designed to reach out to all groups of people in our churches, BCOK have established departments which operate at national level, Association level, Zonal level and at the church level. The departments operate independently with the guide of pastors as their patrons. The four departments are; 1. Men department 2. Women department 3. Youth department 4. Children department

1.Men department: •The department Aim to reach out to all men in Kenya and beyond for Jesus Christ •It takes care of interest of men in our churches for both Spiritual and their physical needs. •The men are equipped to do the ministry. •The department train men on leadership skills development in both at the church and in their homes. •The men are charged to become a role model to the upcoming generation. •The department organizes seminars to train men on how to make and manage finances. •For families that are divorcing, the men are trained on how to be good family counseling. •Men are helped to identify and to use their physical and spiritual gifting. Men Department VISION: •Our vision is to have men's fellowship in all Baptist churches in Kenya and to have all men saved and serving in our churches. •OBJECTIVES 1. To sensitize the churches on the importance of the men's' fellowship. 2. Educate men their God given noble role in the church, family and the community around them while training them on how to make disciples. 3. Educating men the importance of supporting one another spiritually, socially and financially. 4. Mobilize men on how to start church programmes which are interesting and attractive and relevant to men with the aim of reaching out to all men within and around the church for Jesus. 5. Seek support of the pastor in the men fellowship. 6. Train men on how to identify their potential talents. 7. Train men on how to create wealth through investment and sound financial management. •A - INTRODUCTION OF MEN’S FELLOWSHIP/BROTHERHOOD •Why should we have men fellowship in our churches? •Men department is one of the many departments that compose the congregation in the main church. E.g. the women dept, youth dept and the children department. The members are supposed to be mature men who are yet to be married and the married men. •The aim of fellowship is to address the unique needs of our men in the church and to reach out to other men neighboring our churches, touching them with Jesus' love and hope. •The major work of men department is as follows: 1) Equipping the men with the word of God through bible study. 2) Training men on how to reach out to other men through local, national and International missions. 3) Training men on how to be responsible fathers. 4) Education on how to acquire and to control finance 5) Leadership skills development 6) How to start a family business and the challenges involved. 7) How to make a wonderful councilor to your family and at the church level. 8) How to be your brothers' keeper through fellowshipping together and sharing your life challenges and success. 9) Supporting the work of the church through cheerful giving, tithing, offering, participating in church projects, providing the man power required in the church ministries and being a good role model to the others. 10) To be on 24 hours service whenever the pastor requires your services. 11) Encouraging men on how to collaborate with other departments. The role of the men department at the conventional level is to coordinate and provide national guidance to all the churches in the country through the respective association and the church.

2.Women Department •This is another strong department whose structure runs from the church level up to the national level. •The Aim of the department is to reach out to all women in Kenya and beyond for Jesus Christ. •To equip women for the ministry and to prepare them on how to establish a happy and a loving family. •The department allows women to express themselves freely in worship while serving in all areas in our churches.

3.Youth Department •This department structure runs from the national to the church level. •Its aim is to reach out to all youth in Kenya for Jesus Christ using Jesus model of outreach. •The department aim to nature our youth to become responsible men and women of tomorrow who can be trusted with the gospel of Jesus Christ 2nd Timothy 2:2 •The aim is to reach out to youth who are in schools and colleges and to train them how they can live a Holy Life-like Jesus Christ. •BCOK organizes seminars and workshop to train the youth on how to identify their gifting and on how to use them for the ministry. •The youth are also guided on career selection and are guided on the available jobs opportunities in the country.

4.Children Ministries •This ministry is charged with the responsibility of training teachers of the Sunday school. •The aim is to expose our teachers to Christian training materials that are produced by our ministry called Baptist media and the life way. •The teachers are trained on how to equip the young ones to growing like Jesus Christ. Luke 2:52 in knowledge, wisdom and in favor of God and men. •The teachers are under the patron of the pastors.

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