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Management Structure

The Baptist convention of Kenya (BCOK) is composed of an assembly of Baptist churches operating in Kenya with similar faith and believes. The churches are autonomous in terms of management. But they come together to promote fellowship, discipleship, Christian education, missions, benevolent and stewardship.

BCOK is governed by a council of elected leaders during their AGM after every three years.

The elected officers are the Moderator, the Vice Moderator, the Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, Treasurer and the Vice treasurer.

The elected officers compose (NEC) Nation Executive Council that make major decisions on behalf of Baptist churches in Kenya.

This body is comprised of the elected officers, regional officers, departmental heads, and representative from each partner, institutional heads, trustees and the administrator who is an ex-official.

The National Executive Council appoints institution boards that runs the institution on behalf of the BCOK and submits the progress report at every NEC meeting.

In every year the BCOK calls for an annual general meeting.

This meeting is attended by the church pastors and one leader from his church, the NEC officers, and trustee, partner’s representative, association chairman and association reps.

The AGM is supposed to discuss and consider and to determine reports and activities, programmes budget and adopt constitution and regulations.

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