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Baptist media – This is one of Baptist arm that produces materials to be used by Baptist churches for their spiritual growth.

They operate a Bookshop and a Studio. Some of the books and materials that are produced by Baptist media include:

  1. Growing in Christ

  2. Sunday school materials for all ages and other general books.

  3. Tithing envelopes

  4. Child dedication certificates

  5. Baptism certificates

  6. Holy communion cups and trays

  7. Bible study materials books like

  8. Experiencing God

  9. Mind of Christ

  10. Life in Spirit

  11. Master Life

  12. Equipping the Saints

  13. Breaking free

Hymn Books – Tenzi za Roho

Bibles etc

Books by Baptist pastors

Pastor Ambrose Nyangao: Parkland Baptist Church

1.Anointing from Above            2.Our father  the Lord’s prayer    

3. Taking the city                  4.Faith Words

5. No limits                         6.Youth alive

7. New life                         8. You are a success

9. You are favoured               10.You are royalty

11. Giving Power                   12.Giant in the land

13. For this reason                14.For this family

15. There is hope                  16.Prayer declarations

17. Women of impact               18. Men of purpose

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